More than a baby in a manger?

A Star appears, wise men know it's important and set out to find out why... Shepherds - those key workers - unseen but making things happen... A journey to Bethlehem for Mary & Joseph worried about providing a safe place for their child. Angels appearing singing words of hope and peace, encouraging people not to be afraid. All this linked to a baby being born!

2020 has been a tough year, but the Christmas story can help us think about:

Star: What's important to you? Why?

Sheep with Shepherd: Who are you thankful for?

Mary & Joseph: What have been your highs & lows? Who’s supported you?

Angel: What are you fearful of? What would give you hope in that?

Jesus: Is Christmas important to you? Why? Why not?

Around Kingsholm you will find painted pebbles like these. Can you use them, or your own creations, to make a nativity scene, post a picture and tag us?

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